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news with a developing story. >> good morning there is a mess and this hillside park neighborhood. after a water facility broke overnight. you can see it is inundated. kron 4 is live on the scene. and jackie i do not see the water. >> we believe that is up on the hill and you can see their residual a fax from this with the month, the water. we believe that those residual-impacting above the hill, the water. around 4:30 daly city received a robb call that there was major water. what we are seeing is that there could be a potential water storage facility that
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could be impacted. if the facility busted or a pipe from it. that is what we're trying to determine hopefully in the next 30 minutes the public information officer is expected to come out and give us more information. what we do know is that the water, the mod amount was sole intense that a-mont this m ud...was so intense that it impacted cars. you see the amount with the evacuations were poured in place.were part p and i know that will tran is on his way to the hillside park neighborhood. >> what i am trying to
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envision is that if it is a large water tank. could it be more water? >> you can see that this is mud a tremendous amount that has come down from somewhere we believe there is a water storage facility at the top of the hill that could be impacted one way or another. it is still a developing story. as we can confirm this. >> thank you. >> other headlines this morning we want to check out the weather. and erica cold temperatures although not as cold as yesterday in the rainfall. >> good morning, james river a lot to talk about it is a cold start. good morning,- james. >> with many people did not
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realize how cold it was with yesterday's having the day off but that cold air will hit you for the north bay valleys. 30's. for this afternoon, sunshine and a slightly warmer conditions. we will see more cloud coverage let us focus our attention we can see that it is 35 in daly city. 38 degrees in concord where exactly these temperatures will go in the chances of rainfall coming up in my next report. george? >> still slow in antioch. at sommersville road even on the right coming down across the antioch bridge on the one the 60s southbound. and backing on the new bypass would do not have much as far as pittsburgh. and this similar for the 580 lighter
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than usual to the alta month pass. for the westbound. i will ask ericka if she refresh this map. on the 580. coming down from patterson on the interstate- 5 there is an east bound crash that blocked the slain.this lane-and also the 205 coming out of trees seat is also a problem that is lighter than usual tracy -- >> these resignation of david petraeus the top commander in afghanistan john allen is under investigation of 40's are investigating alleged inappropriate messages between general allan and kelly for kelly served as an unpaid social liaison reportedly sparked the
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investigation. jill kelly received a threatening e- mails from the woman that general petraeus was having enoug an affair with = = he is a four-star marine general that has succeeded petraeus. president obama and nominated alan to be the supreme commander. we are learning that the president is now putting that nomination on hold. >> thank you, the california state university will meet this morning to consider higher fees. those who take more than a fall load or repeat courses could see more fees. some of the arguments from students have been that the class is the need to press toward are not
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being offered. students are going to ask the border post trusties they will consider this and long beach. governor jerry brown is expected to attend those meetings. >> we will have more on this developing story. it has busted in daly city with a significant amount of water into this neighborhood
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>> watching wall street after a weird day yesterday. the dow jones was down a quarter of a point. just a 0 percent change. just over 12,000 and the futures were down 57. what is happening in the country of greece and the physical clef looming.
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some people are two months behind on mortgage payments actually fell behind that is the lowest point in more than three years the mortgage delinquency rate has not been that low since 2009. microsoft is saying that stephen sinofsky. the president of its windows and windows flight operation is leaving the company. this departure comes just weeks after windows launched windows 8. at one point it was thought that he could become ceo of the company. also, international stock markets fell today after europe's financial ministers postponed approval of an urgently needed 8 if
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payme aid .. payment for greece. even of greek parliament approved its next round of spending cuts. san jose based cisco systems and home depot reportedly financial results for earnings. >> the motor trend car of the year is the tesla. is the first time in all the electric vehicle has been chosen. to be eligible, contenders must be a car, not a truck or not in suv and the prices range and
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$50,000, to nearly $100,000. >> these video games one of the most anticipated games " call of duty- black ops two' was released this morning at midnight this is footage taken from the video people aln the country camped out in front of store locations to get their hands on the game, first. it has generated $360 million in the first few days after its release. >> and also the latest out of this daly city water main break sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic.
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>> 6:15 it is a double live look. live pictures on the scene a mass at this daly city neighborhood with this massive-water main break. authorities were called with a live report coming up about 6:30. and that is on a
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hillside park in neighborhood in daly city. we will walk you through this and jackie sissel is near price ave. and where is this coming from? this is where the facility is were the source is possibly coming from. that is the likely source they are going to try to go upstream, so to speak. >> there is a new study that find in the years to come global warming could have an impact on the california water supply. a stanford professor did a study with a look at what would happen to the snow pack are round the world of the world's average
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temperatures was warming up by his two-three degrees celsius. california will normally melt off and provide a steady flow of water. however, we could see more years for the snow pack is smaller than normal. >> we will see not just a decrease in the overall amount of snowfall accumulation but the change the timing of the run off. >> these models are predicting that this snowfall could start melting less and not as much. impacting the water supply. we have a little bit of what weather. >> thursday night to towards friday. just scattered showers from the coast but sunday towards monday we are tracking a significant system. it could free a
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decent amount of precipitation a from the gulf of alaska. periods of heavy rainfall full details on unsettled conditions coming up but for those of you just leaving the house it is a clear start. this is my favorite shot looking downtown san francisco it is certainly cold only 39 degrees. 37 degrees and novadto.. the futurecast showing 60s and maybe 70's and the south bay. putting the clock into motion some light blue is indicating people in the 50s. to backtrack 68 in fremont and the 70's in campbell temperatures will be a little bit warmer with mostly sunny conditions. 68 in union city and a mild today in front of us. 68 degrees in the santa rosa
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and downtown san francisco at 65 degrees. berkeley could see 68. the satellite and radar showing some wet weather that will steer clear. it is later where we will have on several conditions with your kron 4 7 day around the bay thursday, friday is one of the forecast models that shows rainfall. scattered at pressed from the coast. we could see residual rain drops sunday towards monday. heavy rainfall and possibly for the next workweek. 6:19. >> we are going to start with the traffic maps to update some earlier occuring problems. highway no. 4 as we look of the east bay it is pretty decent. 18 minutes from interstate 80 and here in concord that we of the left lane blocked. with a multi-vehicle accident that
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has impacted traffic and back to the of all the way to 160 westbound. things are slowly recovering. for the ride on interstate 580 know that the traffic is getting a bit better on 580 westbound some heavy traffic is getting towards the alta mont pass and towards livermore. for this commute is resembling something more normal. the self a commute between the two freeways, the 101 in julien is also starting to slow down in through marin county it is not begin to slow down it is still a decent commute. looking at the bridges, the toll plaza meter lights are active. the backup is already forming in the san mateo bridge no delays yet from a 11-12 minutes. at least for your travel across the span. towards san
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francisco. >> gasoline prices, travel, for holiday weather they expect gasoline prices to go up or down from thanksgiving. >> in the meantime we can see the gasoline prices are down a little bit. the state averages at $3.85. and the numbers keep going down with $3.97. oakland, san jose $3.84. overall, the price is around the bay have fallen by 815 from one month ago >> one of the biggest culprits was the chevron refinery fire that we had in
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the month of august. now, is going to be fixing the problems but not in a way that everybody is happy with. the unit that caught fire at the refinery fire will be repaired instead of replaced. the city of richmond and the air district are having limited say on how the repairs will be made. people are asking what do these disasters happen this is a big part of their reason because chevron is cutting quarter corners--cutg corners. chevron says they are working closely with the city of richmond and the bay area air quality management district. in addition, all repairs and replacement equipment and materials will
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meet or exceed industry standards and codes. >> one of the developing story is a flood of water and mud and mandating that daly city. we are live on the scene. inundating-from daly city. we will have all of the high-definition scenes from abc seven right here on kron 4 the new color changing candle from air wick,
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>> 6:25. some target employees are not happy about opening on thanksgiving. they plan on opening at 9:00 p.m. to try to beat the competition. in fact, the employees are protesting plans and they are organizing this online at to save thanksgiving for families. 150,000 people supported this when they started this midnight opening last year. >> thanksgiving is a midnight time how far are we going to go for we tell retail--
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>> this all comes down to competition and they are just supplying in fulfilling that demand. >> it is not just target, wal-mart and we were curious to see what you felt about the earlier black friday. shopping hours. this year. this topic is on our facebook fan page and many of you are against it. james said " cannot we have a few holidays were people are allowed to spend the holiday with their families? i will not be going out on thanksgiving. >> monica says " it is perfect after dinner, go shopping. julia says my favorite tradition has been blocked for a shopping a level not be going this year. i will not be going black friday shopping. please join our conversation at facebook
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.com/kron 4 >> 6:27 a developing story in a daily neighborhood city. flooded. a daly city neighborhood >> more on the market with the opening bell in just two minutes.
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>> welcome back life insurance, vacation with the mutual of america rain and the nasdaq. and the opening bell ringing in the nasdaq featureles futures-and potentias that could be impacting the market are the european
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union talks of emergency funds for the country of greece and also the fiscal cliff. we will keep watching oil prices at $85 per apparel. it usually translates-per-barrel fall so, a big drop in microsoft. they have been decreasing by 2% no 3% this morning as we had news that the head of windows is resigning from the company. just one week after the windows 84 operating system. will have more, with rob black. when those eight-launching their operating system. the dow has lost 86 points to. >> our developing story is flooding that is happening in this daly city
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neighborhood jackie, have we figured where this is coming from? >> jackie sissel there is still some water? >> there is a water facility storage facilities in this neighborhood. it is inundated these areas with mud. this is in daly city and we can see the amount of water and mud. so much that we are being told that eight homes had to be evacuated and with dozens of homes were completely engulfed. what we do know is that there is a fresh water storage facility on the hillside. we do not know
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weather or not a pipe leading to the facility itself or what happened to. apparently, the water has rushed on the hillside and causing the evacuation. this huge amount of water rushing down what we do know right now is the water has been turned off. if it is not completely turned off it is a trickle at this point. they want to make sure that that hillside is completely safe before they allow those people back into their homes. they were taken to a nearby community center. we do not know how many people were involved. it is still a developing story we are hoping that we can get more details on what the threat is. and where we go from here. there is going to be a lot of cleanup. among some of that video rights to the
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bottom carriages. as you look at this car jackie is this the style of home that we are looking at? what types of homes are flooded with waters? >> yes. it is these types of homes right here. as we get to these very top sections this water storage facility you can imagine it is right behind the facility. that is potentially the massive amounts of homes impacted. you can see the amount of water and mud on these cars and you can only imagine what it looks like at the top of the hill. >> at 6:00 a.m., to get that call and finally see all of that. thank you, jackie.
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>> here is a better idea of what jackie sissel was talking about. here is his location on google earth at the price intersection. he was pointing up the hill. putting this into motion and let me take you to where he was talking about which is the water tank. on the top of that is the water tank and they've leaked it has ruptured. it has sent water gushing down. we will continue to bring you the latest with continuing team coverage of this massive mess. and will? >> this is the body intersection the epicenter were this water continues the bunn--the bunn b bonnie intersection you can see this river of water
6:36 am
flowing down. if
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>> are you packing up your things? >> we are ready to leave. >> just in case. >> can you tell us what happened was that while you were sleeping? the to hear any water? >> yes. perhaps around 4:00 a.m. i heard something i thought that it was raining. and the skies were clear. if there was no wind. and just before i went to bed about 15 minutes after words. i checked again and i saw all of the month after words-ago was it just a river about 50 minutes-afterwards.
6:38 am
>> 15 minutes later... >> what was i thinking? i was thinking that i know that there is a water main i could not think of anything else were just a broken water main. >> to experience and the water or mud in your home? >> no. >> thank you. >> they receive this phone call at 4:30 they do not know how long this has been going on. with one hour, two hours and who knows how many gallons of water actually is flowing from the reservoir. and i am on top of this story and people that are forced to evacuate. reporting from daly city, kron 4 news. >> we will take a quick break at 6:38 we will bring
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>> 6:42 we are taking a look at this mess of mess on this hillside at this daly city neighborhood there was a water in storage unit that broke overnight and leaked. broke... water storage unit. and you are looking at video from below with the hill and on the left there was this guy seven high-definition a pc chopper shot. we will continue to bring you the latest and the most coverage
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on kron 4.
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>> 6:45 we are on top of this story. here, you can see the mud and debris flowing down the hillside. it has sent a torrent varying these cars. the investigation continues on what happened. bearing the scars. we will have more on wha bearing thesvarying it is bp these cars. the del joan 800 points and our financial expert rob black is joining us with more on markets. a lot going on with the c e zero. >> sex scandals ceo --
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hewlett-packard, best buy, and obviously, petraeus. it seems like this is not any new news. >> we had a horrible week on wall street with wednesday, thursday, it was down 400 points. and congress will get back to work today. this physical clef. if this drags out? this fiscal cliff. >> and it was a horrible week the we are having a great year. and what type of selective perspective do you want to have? perhaps congress will wait until the last second for compromise. and i will save between now and january as a body in opportunity. and the
6:48 am
opportunity to purchase. and also, does obama want to compromise or work with the economy germany, china, greece. they have passed on the austerity cuts they're not getting the european union that funds they have been auctioning off funds. >> they need to start selling off some of those great monuments. is there any hope of grease stain in the european union? priests if staying--and decreasing just just not have the economy. and the country of
6:49 am
is not have the staying power to stay in the european union. other countries follow suit, portugal, spain. >> let us take a look got the weather. >> good morning, darya is called right now by the it could be me. with w feet could-g this downtown san francisco it is--raining. concord san jose, 40's. it is a bit warmer than just 24 hours to go into continue with that warming trend. '70s. 70's for santa clara. '70s and los gatos. and 67 in fairfield. 68 in union city and a mild day with
6:50 am
rain chance is to the north. 60s in petaluma. downtown san francisco at 65 degrees. 69 in oakland. the satellite and radar showing is what weather to the north of that will steer clear. we will be dry for now. we are going to meet our umbrella. you will need your umbrella . there could be rainfall in the north bay. with scattered showers around the bay and residual showers saturday, sunday, monday with the heaviest rainfall temperatures in the 60s. 6:50. >> some hot spots the right on interstate 80. the left two lanes were blocked by an accident. one of those or
6:51 am
both could have been cleared. and the c h p did not want to issue a sig alert. nevertheless, there is traffic already starting off to slow. this backup begins near highway no. 4. the other incident on highway no. 4 is completely clear. at sommersville. bradley back up and this new problem westbound at the port chicago highway. slower traffic for those cars that are working its way westbound. we will update your drive time. looking at the bridges. 16-18 minutes almost to west grand ave. still, 11 minutes across the span and on the golden gate. heavier traffic and we are
6:52 am
used to seeing. southbound, it is starting to slow from the south tower to the toll plaza. >> there are four more lake tahoe resources set to open because of the powerful storm that forced through. with much-needed rainfall. here is the live picture off of heavenly. showing you all of this snowfall. the ski resort is going to start this weekend even tomorrow and north star heavenly will be opening up with a combined of seven chair lifts open and kirkland and squaw valley will be also opening up this friday for the upcoming weekend. >> that is so great and if it is going to be reining in the bay area? you may as well enjoy the snow. 6:52
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and speaking of rainfall. it is flooding in a daly city neighborhood and this mo mud.. combination. there has been a break. homes bachave been evacuated [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler.
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>> thathere is a total solar eclipse. you could go on line and check it out if it cooperates some terrific images coming and like all strata. these clouds could spoil the view. australia
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12:30 will be totality with a major shadow. go to your computer room just after noon. we will take a quick break and the latest from the scene as families have been forced from their homes in daly city. one family inundated. from a ruptured water tank. more on this story, coming up.
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